Hey there. Thanks for visiting the site.Baptism of Blood is a site devoted to our favorite pulp literature. The inexpensive fiction magazines that revolutionized storytelling. The stories we could consume in a sitting or two, both from the convenient length and sheer interest. Those interesting, glossy reads that you can’t find in modern day bookshops. We’ll be cataloguing some of our favorite pulps, along with some commentary.
So, why Baptism of Blood? If you’re Catholic, you might get the reference. The Baptism in Blood is a postmortem baptism for those who were never baptized in life – an opportunity for martyrs to receive salvation. We kind of see pulp fiction reads are martyrs of their day, the real heroes who died when fiction magazine trends turned toward creative non-fiction. Hopefully, this site will serve as a postmortem baptism for the reads we so loved in our youth.